Welcome to ND Women Connect

We Want You for the ND Women Connect Board!
The national NDWC Board has several open positions (including newly-implemented regional directors) and is looking for new members. The Board is an all-volunteer group that provides guidance, advice, and support to the NDAA's alumnae outreach efforts. This is a hands-on team that creates and manages on-campus events, maintains a variety of alumnae communication vehicles, leads professional development initiatives, and supports local NDWC groups across the country. Even if you are not ready to self-nominate for a Board position, we also have a need for committee members to assist the Board with tasks such as event planning, writing, and outreach. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please contact Field Directors Kathy Anders '74 and Monica Suchsland '06 at ndwc.field@alumni.nd.edu or Governance Chair Christine Debevec '98 at ndwc.governance@alumni.nd.edu. To view open positions and apply, check out the nomination form. Submission deadline: February 15, 2018.  Thank you for your consideration! 

Notre Dame's female grads have a bond of shared, unique experiences. As one of our alumni said in an article on NDWC, "ND women define success not just by how many rungs they can climb up the ladder, but also by how they realize their own potential and love their friends and family well."

Let's support and inspire each other to live the most fulfilling lives possible.  Our mission statement is simple, yet compelling:
ND Women Connect provides Notre Dame alumnae the opportunity to:

  • Connect - by encouraging personal and professional relationships;
  • Nurture - by fostering personal, spiritual, and professional growth; and
  • Give back - by helping us make valuable contributions to Notre Dame, our communities, and to causes that inspire us. 

The ND Women Connect initiative is administered by a rotating national board of alumnae each of whom typically also chairs her own local NDWC group.  NDWC is the newest alumni affinity group recognized by the Notre Dame Alumni Association.

There are multiple ways to strengthen our connections with each other.
Facebook:  The ND Women Connect page gives all of our alumnae the opportunity to regularly exchange updates, ideas and recommendations. 

LinkedIn:  The goal of our LinkedIn group – ND Women Connect National – is to provide a forum for sharing information and advice regarding job openings, mentoring options, and professional development opportunities. 

Twitter and Instagram:  Find us on Twitter (@ND_Women) and Instagram (nd_women) for bite-sized updates and photos from the ND Alumnae Nation.

Local Groups:  Alumnae also have the opportunity to connect in-person with each other. It’s easy to start a local group.  Each group of women ideally functions as a committee within the local ND Club structure and is encouraged to focus on activities that specifically appeal to their local constituencyThese can include professional networking events, spiritual retreats, happy hours, book discussion groups, community service, etc.

Quarterly Newsletter:  If you haven’t already, register with Notre Dame’s myND database and subscribe to NDWC publications (Under Update Your Profile, Subscription Management). If for some reason you're not receiving our quarterly ND Women Connect newsletter, please sign up here to add your name to the listserv.

Campus Events:  We’re forging new bonds between alumnae and with female ND students through campus programs.

We invite you to click around this site and decide how you'd like to become involved. Have a suggestion, question, or news for the ND Women Connect Board? Email Melinda Bowker '92, NDWC Chairperson.